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How I started with drones

The past two years we started to hear a lot about drones. There are the new generation of remote-controlled toys offered for a birthday or whatever events. My first drone experiences Personally I bought one about two years ago for 20€. This first drone is perfect for beginners as it permits mistakes and many crashes without damage. In the same way, it has a good reactivity … Read More How I started with drones


Discoveries in Limousin

Since I have bought a drone (the mavic pro by DJI) I am pushed to go for walks, bike trips or whatever ways, to visit stunning places of my region the Nouvelle Aquitaine. Here are photos of the castle of Châlucet (built in the XII century) located to the south of Limoges, at 20 min by car. Get to know more about its history … Read More Discoveries in Limousin

Winter / Cottage / Snow

The 27th of December, I spent a night in a cottage (1st picture). It’s was such a great experience. Minus 5 degrees at night… The auxiliary heater warm up the cottage during the evening but I shut it off for the night (just in case of bad combustion…) Blankets were a must 😉 Get to know more about the Cabane des Volcans located in … Read More Winter / Cottage / Snow

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