Haven’t you ever thought about traveling before starting to work ? Now that I have a master degree let’s roll life. We’ll see later about my dreaming job.

My travel capture in Australia

I am going there as wild life. Take a CV with me, a backpack to dress up and a second one with my electronic devices. It’s a heavy one, I hope that it will serve me e.g to share photos and videos with you.

My electronic equipment:

  • a heavy  computer for my video making
  • the mavic pro drone by DJI. It’s so exiting to be able to mix different video plans
  • a little camera (gopro size)
  • a tablette I use with the drone. The big screen makes a more precise and confortable fly.
  • an external hard drive
  • an external battery

With this stuff, I get to 10 kilos weight. It’s a lot when you travel, therefore I might spend the most of my time in Sydney and Melbourne where I will look for jobs.

At first, I plan to go to Sydney until September 2018 before moving to Melbourne till the end of my Working Holiday Visa. This visa permits to spend a year in Australia.

Memories processes:

I plan to mix photos and videos to show you how my daily life is going on there. I will test me at doing vlogs and landscape videos. This adventure gonna be a huge surprise for me as I will start in a hostel before looking quickly for a job. The plans that I have before going there might change as the adventure goes on. Indeed, I can’t garantee any photo and video projects.

You are in the same city than me ? Don’t hesitate to hit the contact form and leave a message. I would be really happy to meet you whatever you like taking photos or not 😉





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