The past two years we started to hear a lot about drones. There are the new generation of remote-controlled toys offered for a birthday or whatever events.

My first drone experiences

Personally I bought one about two years ago for 20€.


This first drone is perfect for beginners as it permits mistakes and many crashes without damage. In the same way, it has a good reactivity which makes a good little drone. It’s maximum speed is about 50 km/h.



batteries.JPGI bought the drone with additional batteries because the duration time of flight with a single battery is about 3 minutes. Thefore I have five batteries plus the one sold with the basic pack of the drone. I can plug them on a hub which is able to charge five of them in the same time. The duration time for charging the batteries is about 45 min which made a good turnover to train me at flying. In addition to the supplementary batteries I bought four packs of propellers because it’s frequent to brake some.

Rapidly, my brothers and me started to imaging tracks to make races.

Race drone experiences

Few months passed before moving on a more serious way of piloting drone. Two of my brothers bought race drones. This is a complete new category of drone because the race drone can be piloted freely. It means that there isn’t stabilized point. This lets place to imagination during the flight. Nowadays the pilots of offical drone races or freestyle competitions use the free piloting mode with the First Person View FPV for an immersive experience (find exemples in the two previous links). The FPV is essential to perform in race drone.


Catching photographies and videos from the sky

Afterward, I built this project of going abroad after my studies. As a pure novice I like to take photos and I want to make from this experience in Australia a big adventure. I take this opportunity to learn more about photography and video making. In my opinion mixing views would be truly interesting and much more capitivating for my videos. Therefore, in summer 2017, once I knew that I had succeeded with the master degree in International Business, I bought a drone for making videos, the mavic pro model by DJI. This one benefits of a great flight time capacity, a compact size appreciated for traveling and very nice photo and video features.

I bought the combo flight package. This one has a special bag for the mavic pro and a total of three batteries which gives me one hour flight capacity. In addition, I bought two types of Neutral Density filters (ND) : the ND 8 and ND 16. ND filters are like sunglasses for the camera. I adapt the filter according to the light. The ND 8 filter offers a lower opacity glass than the ND 16.

Why do I use ND filters?

They are essential for taking videos, getting the good settings and for having a realistic smooth move. (leave a comment if you want to know more about this technical aspect).



More drone photos


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